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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Train your Dog to be OFF LEASH: The First Steps

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Sean O’Shea Is FULL OF SH*T (The Good Dog Training And Rehabilitation)

Sean O'Shea went on a 10 minute rant...about nothing. Balanced trainers literally can't even explain the methods/tools they so passionately use. It's honestly pathetic & a disgrace to the industry. Might as well start...

Fastest dog training method

This is part 2 of our first lesson with a South African Boerboel dog, the owner and his family who all became part of the training. This is a very large dog, and...

True Dog Aggression Rehabilitation – dog training

Don't Forget To Subscribe! For Seminar Info: http://connectwithyourk9.com/seminars/ http://www.ConnectWithYourK9.com http://www.facebook.com/K9ConnectionBehaviorServices This video shows Drake, a Pit Bull mix who displayed aggression towards other dogs. recently when his owner moved back with her family, he attacked one of the...

How to stop a jumping dog, dog training tips. Stopped in 1 second.

Dogs are killed in shelters for jumping, dogs are turned into shelters for jumping. Most of the advice/training protocols are unethical to stop a jumping dogs and most do not work, or they do...

Obedience Dog Championships – Day 3 – Crufts 2013 (Jenny Gould & Zankanja Bitter...

Subscribe to Crufts: http://bit.ly/20QlwUp Obedience Dog Championships from day 3 of Crufts 2013 with Jenny Gould & Zankanja Bitter 'N' Twisted. ---------------------------- Obedience World Cup 2016: http://bit.ly/ObedienceWC2016 Best in Show Through the Years: http://bit.ly/CruftsBIS Highlights from Crufts 2016: http://bit.ly/Crufts2016 ---------------------------- Connect...

The Truth about Positive Dog Training – part 2 (K9-1.com)

Important! Read supporting information here: https://www.dogtraining.world/dominance-in-dog-training-debunked-or-is-it/ Video features false claims from Zak George (dog training revolution), Ian Dunbar, Victoria Stilwell and other commercialized dog trainers. source

Playing with dogs


How To Train a Stubborn Dog

How to train your dog fast! For a FREE EXTRA MONTH of BarkBox, visit http://www.barkbox.com/zakgeorge when you subscribe to a 6 or 12 month plan. This video is sponsored by BarkBox. Get the book on Amazon:...

How To Train Any Dog Perfectly!

This video details the most important skills that you need to develop to successfully train any dog to do any behavior. If you are struggling with training your dog to do something, I would...

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